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Welcome to 2nd Grade!!

Dear Parents and Students,

     Welcome to Second Grade!  I am excited about the year ahead and look forward to getting to know each one of you.  Through communication and cooperation we can together offer your child an educational program that will fit his/her needs.  Please feel free to contact me through the school office to schedule a conference or express a concern at any time during the school year.  You can also reach me through my email, holtzclawkb@spart6.orgThis is the fastest way during the day.


Let me take this opportunity to tell you about myself.  I was born and raised in Spartanburg and attended District 6 schools.  This will be my 14th year teaching and my 7th year at West View.  I have been married for 14 years to my wonderful husband, Chris.  We have two beautiful daughters, Natalie (10) and Ava (5). 


To promote communication with you at home, I will send home your child’s yellow progress report folder with a report each week.  On this report you will be asked to comment, sign, and return the folder the next day.  A weekly newsletter will also be sent home each Friday.  You can also visit our class website linked to our West View website to find the weekly newsletter.   


We will be using binders this year and you can find the newsletter each week in the labeled sheet protector located in their binder.  The binder will also keep some other important items such as their planner, reading log, spelling menu, and their AR goals.  They will be responsible for writing their homework daily in their planner.  We will work on this quite a bit at the beginning of this year. 


The spelling menu, located in their binder, will be for spelling homework.  Your child must choose from the spelling menu to complete a different homework assignment every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night, only on their missed words.  Those missed words should be highlighted on the weekly newsletter.  Please have them return this homework the next school day.  Thursday night they will just review the words they missed on Monday for the posttest on Friday.  Also, please remember to keep the newsletter in their binder.  They will need it on Mondays to highlight any missed words on the pretest. 


I have included a reading log for students to record books from home.  Our Accelerated Reader program (reading comprehension program) allows students to take quizzes on their library books as well as books from home.  Please note, not all books from home or the public library will be AR books.  Your child may check the book title on to see.  AR testing is not currently accessible from home.  Please refer to your child’s green AR sheet in their binder at the end of each 9 weeks to see if they have met their AR goal.  Once their log is full I will give them a new one.

The Accelerated Reader program encourages comprehension of texts.  The students take a short quiz that is computer based after they have read a book and feel they are ready for a quiz.  They will receive points for each quiz they take and it goes toward their AR goal.  The AR goals will be written each nine weeks for you to view in that section of the binder.  If your child meets their goal 3 out of 4 nine weeks, they will be able to participate in Splash Bash at the end of the school year.  This sheet should stay in your child’s binder all year.  


IXL is a skills based program to help students practice what they have learned in class.  There will be a skills sheet for ELA & math they will refer to in their binder.  Please initial and write the date and score after your child completes a skill.  I’d like them to receive a 90 or above.  They will receive a treat at school when they show me their log.  This will not be in their binder immediately, as we will introduce several of the skills first.  They will not have their login information until September and I will send more information home at that time. 


The behavioral expectations in my class are based on positive reinforcement.  Each day all students start on green, “Ready to Learn”.  There are certain times throughout the day where the students know that I am looking for someone to move their clip up the chart.  For instance, every morning we listen to the morning announcements.  When it is finished, I choose 2 students that listened quietly to move their clip up.  If students move their clip down to yellow, they have 5 minutes of “slow down” time where they need to sit quietly at their desk.  If they are on orange, “Teacher's Choice”, then they have 5 minutes of “slow down” time and I choose a consequence for them. This may be different for each student.  If the student gets their clip moved to red, “Parent Contact”, then you will be notified via phone, email or planner.  Most likely it will be a phone call from either me or a principal if the offense is severe enough.  Please review the class rules and expectations that will be posted in our classroom.



Classroom Expectations

  • Listen when others are talking
  • Follow directions
  • Keep hands, feet, and object to yourself
  • Work quietly and do not disturb others
  • Show respect for school and personal property
  • Work and play in a safe manner




We are going to have a busy and exciting time this year and we want you here with us!  The building will be open each morning by 7:00 with students going to their class at 7:35.

If you arrive at school before 7:35, please go directly to the 2nd grade hall and sit with our class.  Wait there until the teacher on duty dismisses you.  The only exception to this is those students who arrive prior to 7:30 and wish to purchase breakfast.  Those students proceed directly to the cafeteria.

If you must be absent because of illness, please call school early (by 10:00) and assignments will be left in the teacher office after 2:30 for you to pick up.  These assignments can be sent with a sibling (leave the name and teacher when you call the office).  When you return to school, please be sure to bring a written excuse for the office explaining why you were absent.




Homework is an important part of learning.  It provides an opportunity for practice and to extend what we have learned in class.  It is your child’s responsibility.  Homework assignments will be recorded daily in your child’s planner, which they will receive the first day of school.  It is essential that your child bring his/her binder to school every day.  They will also receive their binder the first day.  Please look over your child’s assignments so that you know what we are working on in class.

Note to parents-if your child makes a valid effort to complete an assignment, but is frustrated or lost, please allow your child to put the assignment aside (uncompleted) and send me a note explaining so that I can make adjustments.

Grading Scale





F=Below 60



Monday- Global Studies (8:10-8:55)

Tuesday-Computer 8:10-8:55

Wednesday-PE 8:10-8:55

Thursday-Art 8:10-8:55; Library 9:50-10:35

Friday-Music 8:10-8:55


Breakfast/Lunch Time

Feel free to join us.  We eat from 11:25-11:50 every day.  Let me know through your child if you will be purchasing a lunch so I can include you in the daily lunch count.  Children are always so excited to have their parent visit during lunch.  Breakfast is served until 7:30. Please have your child to school before 7:30 if they want to have breakfast. 



Graded Work/Progress Reports

Graded work will be sent home in the yellow progress report folder each week.  Please make sure you look over your child’s work.  Graded papers will need to be signed and returned the next school day.  Please sign the progress report as well and leave any comments. 


The Second Grade News will be sent home every Friday (in the labeled sheet protector in the binder) to keep you informed of upcoming activities and of what we will be studying in class.



We will “snack” each morning as we continue with our work or during our morning recess time.  Please send a healthy snack.  Each child must bring their own snack; due to allergies, we don’t share snacks.  Please do not send juice boxes.  We have a drinking fountain in the classroom or your child may have a water bottle on the counter.   Please see the district policy for snacks in the parent teacher handbook that you received on “Meet the Teacher Day”.


Classroom Supplies

Please help your child be prepared for learning each day.  Your child should always have pencils, erasers, scissors, glue sticks, crayons, textbooks, and their binder with them at school each day.  Please refer to the yellow required supply list from me.  Your child will have their extra supplies stored for them to get once they run out.


Transportation Changes

Please make sure after school/bus/car/walking arrangements are made before your child leaves each day.  If there is a change in the normal routine, you must send a note to me in the morning or call the office before 2:00.


Please keep this information handy to refer to throughout the year.

Thank You!

Any questions or concerns call 576-1833

Or email me at