Resources for School Closure

While our schools are shut down, students will still be responsible for the work that has been assigned. To help with assignments, teachers will be available by email between the hours of 7:30 and 3:00 each day.  Feel free to reach out to ask questions and request guidance on assignments.  Teacher emails can be found online on our website. 
All school field trips are also postponed to coincide with the school closure.
West View will be open for a drive-up food service from 11:00-1:00 in the front of the school.  As the Governor has recommended that groups not gather in one location, parents are required to stay in their cars where meals will be delivered to them.  Meals may not be eaten on campus.
If medication is needed, you may pick up medication from the nurse.  Please drive to the front of the building and request to speak with the nurse. 

The school office will remain open each day from 7:30-3:30 if you have questions.  We can be reached at 576-1833. 

Please continue to care for your family and their safety, and know we will are here to support you.  Our thoughts are with your families as we recognize the adjustments you are making in your own homes and schedules to accommodate these changes.  Have a wonderful evening.