West View Elementary Closeout Days 2020

West View Community,
During this unprecedented time in history, the West View community has worked hard to demonstrate the virtues and qualities that we all wish for our students to internalize. Compassion, dedication, and selflessness have driven our quest to be the best neighbor we can possibly be. As the school year comes to a close, know that all of the assistants, teachers, food service professionals, custodians,and front office staff have greatly missed interacting with our Wildcat family. We will do our best to say goodbye to this school year, honoring our commitment to being the best neighbor that we can. 
The following schedule will be used to close the school year out. We ask, out of thoughtfulness for those who may be vulnerable to COVID-19, that we avoid hugs, high fives, and other forms of body contact.
All Closeout Days will take place from 9 am until 1 pm. 
Friday, May 15: Closeout Day for 4K & Kindergarten
Monday, May 18: Closeout Day for 1st Grade
Tuesday, May 19: Closeout Day for 2nd Grade
Wednesday, May 20: Closeout Day for 3rd Grade
Thursday, May 21: Closeout Day for 4th Grade
Friday, May 22: Closeout Day for 5th Grade
Please contact your student's teacher for information on where to report, and what items will be collected.