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Behavior System

3rd Grade Behavior System

        The As students progress and become more independent, they learn a lot about holding themselves accountable for their behavior.  In third grade, we will use a  discipline policy involving “marks and levels.”          

       The goal of this policy is for your child to become self-disciplined, to be academically successful, and  to demonstrate socially acceptable behavior.  There are three basic levels.  Students can   receive marks for causing disruptions, uncooperative behavior, defiance, etc. 

       The goal for each student is to stay on level 3!  Therefore, if a student receives more than 4 marks, he/she will be moved to level 2 (limited privileges).  If a student receives 7 or more marks in a week, he/she will be on level 1 (very few privileges). 

0-2 Marks: Level 3

3-4 Marks: Level 2

5 or More: Level 1


* If a student receives 3 or more marks in one day, they will receive a discipline note that day, reporting their misbehavior.  I will ALWAYS call to discuss an especially difficulty day.  Other wise, students will receive a weekly behavior update on Friday.  Talk to your child on a daily basis about how their week is going.  Positive or negative should be a daily discussion.


         Every student begins each week with a clean slate (no marks).  However, multiple weeks on level 2 or level 1 may result in further consequences (office referral, loss of field trip privileges, etc.).


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 Level 3  ( 0- 2 marks) 
     Students at this level are allowed to assist the teacher and will serve as role models for their peers.  Students on level 3 may talk during lunch and sit with their friends in our class.  They may buy snacks and ice cream every day (if they wish), and they are allowed to participate in all of organized play time.

Level 2  ( 3- 5 marks ) 
     Students on level 2 have earned some consequences for their behavior.  These students have to sit away from their peers at lunch and lose half of their time to talk.  In addition, they will lose half of their organized play time.  During that time, they will walk or run laps.

Level 1  (6- 8 marks and up)
     Students who find themselves on level one have no privileges, only consequences for their behavior.  These students must sit at a separate table at lunch where they will lose their entire time to talk.  In addition, students on level one will lose all of their organized play time.