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Report to the Community


About Our School

The mission of West View Elementary School, in partnership with its entire community, is to educate each student by providing a positive, challenging, and enriched learning environment that enables each student to become a life-long learner and a responsible citizen in an increasingly global society.

West View Elementary School is helping all students develop the world class skills and life and career characteristics of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate by providing a positive, challenging, and enriched learning environment that enables each student to become life-long learners and responsible citizens in an increasingly global society.

With a Gifted and Global Studies focus, students have opportunities to learn through experiences and lessons that allow them to have an understanding of the world around them.The teachers were filly engaged in professional development that supported the mission and goals of the school. In 2016—2017, teachers implemented the strategies taught in the Fundamentals of Reading staff development classes for the state required reading endorsement. Additional professional development included Project-Based Learning, Writing, Technology, and D6 University, Classroom Interventions, DRA2+ assessment, and using data to drive instructional decisions for students.Individualized learning continues to be the focus for the school and district, providing students with a pathway for personal growth and success.

West View Elementary School was honored to be recognized as a 2014 National Blue Ribbon School. This high honor is a testament to the commitment of providing a quality education to all students. We are proud of students’consistent academic performance on standardized assessments.

In addition, West View received the Palmetto Gold &Silver Award for overall student performance.West View is proud of its history of academic success and will continue to strive to provide optimal learning opportunities for students. Through a collaborative approach from all stakeholders, the school endeavors are easily accomplished. West View is fortunate to have strong parental involvement and support that provides students with specific learning opportunities and creates wonderful memories of their elementary school years.

Percentage of Students Scoring “Met and Above” on SC PASS Testing (2015-2016)



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Percentage of Students Scoring “Exceeds, Meets, and Approaches” on SC Ready Testing (2015-2016)













Purpose of this Report

This report is issued by the West View School Improvement Council in accordance with South Carolina law to share information on the school’s progress in meeting various goals and objectives, the work of the SIC, and other accomplishments during the school year.

School Improvement Council Members

DiAndra Brooks, Parent
Mike Reece, Parent
Bernie Depra, Parent
Chris Baumgardner, Parent

Amanda Zibell, Parent
Kim Stravolo, Parent
Mary deGuzman, Teacher
Andy Rogers, Teacher
Paula Gaskins, Assistant Principal
Shira Brown, Assistant Principal
Allie Thrower, Teacher
Sierra McGriff, Teacher

Dr. Lindi Metcalf, Principal

School Improvement Council’s Annual Goals

The School Improvement Council established 4 goals for the 2016-2017 school year.

Goal 1:Increase Communication between Parents and the School

West View already had several forms of communication in place for parents. Our teachers create a webpage to display information and news. Also we have our school webpage, Facebook page, and a phone messenger system that contains relevant facts and information. This year we begin to use the Remind App to keep parents up to date on activities, events, and news taking place at school. We will continue to use all of the forms of communication listed above.

Goal 2:Maintain a Healthy and Safe School

Our goal this year was to increase fitness and health education (physical, social,and emotional) opportunities for students and the community. Our administration completed Compassionate Schools Training to better understand the social and emotional needs of students in poverty and how to best address those needs in school. We were excited to have our first ever “Color Runs” (Fall and Spring)

We conducted Lunch and Learns for the community on Eating Disorders in Children while implementing nutrition awareness programs such as “5th Grade Cooking with Drew” in our after school program. Our school resource officer sponsored Non-Contact Rugby Club, and we had our first ever 1st Grade Earth Day!

Goal 3: Instructional Focus

With increasing focus on authentic reading and reading readiness through Read to Succeed, West View Elementary School implemented the use of STAR reading, STAR math, and DAR2+assessments in grades kindergarten through third grade. We focused on adding multiple copies of book sets to support grade level curriculum and differentiated learning opportunities. Teachers focused on conferencing with students and implementing guided reading while we added a reading interventionist to support reading instruction Grades 2-5.

West View Elementary also focused on increasing opportunities for students to receive remediation and enrichment in small groups.With the addition of our reading interventionist, we were able to implement additional small group reading instruction during the school day,while adding critical thinking classes for students in first and second grade as an extension of the school day.

Goal 4: School Beautification

As a celebration of the school’s Blue Ribbon success, banners were ordered to hang from the light posts in front of the school. The banners are a daily reminder for our students, staff, and community of the amazing things happening at our school!

Opportunities &Events
Robotics Club
4-H Pet Club
Cooking Club
Puzzle Club
Trailblazers and Diamonds Club
Running Club
Soccer Club
Games Club
Girls on the Run
Talent Show
Science Fair
Terrific Kid Ceremony
Art & Music Visions
PTO Family Fun Nights
Health/Career Fair
Math Explorers
Reading Tournament
Flag Patrol
WVES Wildcat News Crew
Junior Beta Club
Student Council
Walk to School Day
Field Day
Geography Bee
Spelling Bee
Read-n-Roar Bookstore
Book Fairs
Lunch & Learn for Parents
Non-Contact Rugby Club
Color Runs