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Student Resources

Check Out the Links Below
  • This link will take students to a site that will allow the user to easily create professional looking graphs - Create a Graph
  • This link will take students to a collection of fun activities - Mr. Young's Bouncy "A"
  • This link's name says it all - Cool Math 4 Kids
  • This link will help students safely conduct research - Discus
  • This site will provide students with facts about things they may find interesting - Fact Monster
  • This link will take students to Brain Pop.  Students can learn things to make their mind pop full of knowledge.
  • This link will take students to Fun Brain.  Students will exercise their minds while having a little fun.
  • This site is wonderful for beginning readers.  Click here for Starfall.
  • This site is ETV's educational Web portal, a collection of fun, interactive websites for K-12 students, teachers and parents.  Click to enter
  • This link will take you to Spelling City where you can practice for your spelling test in fun ways.
  • This link will take students to where students can interact with reading in fun ways.